My summer with a smart watch

To the right is the LG R. To the left is one of my Tissots.

I broke my wrist watch just before leaving for summer vacation this year. I decided to borrow a smart watch from our lab and test it during the summer. Who knows, maybe I would decide to ditch my Tissot for a smart watch? after two weeks I decided not to. But at the same time, I became even more interested in smart watches as a platform for assistive technologies.

Case study as research strategy: Pointers to resources


Case study is a central research strategy in information systems and related fields. Case studies improve our understanding of different phenomena such as the introduction of new technologies in organizations, service innovation, understanding how technology is used etc. In this page I try to collect some useful readings about using case study in technology-related empirical research.

So you are my student. Now what?


I am happy you have selected one of my project proposals for your autumn/diploma project. I am looking forward to work with you for the coming year. Here in this blog post I want to share with you some expectations to our collaboration from my side, and tell you a bit about what you can expect in the coming months.